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Family and Community

Conflict among family, friends, or neighbors is one of the most stressful situations we face. Though preserving and rebuilding these relationships is critical, too often we permanently damage or destroy them by allowing conflict to fester, or by pursuing adversarial court processes such as lawsuits or arbitration. Mediators believe in a forward focus on mutual respect, communication, and collaborative problem solving. 

HOA/Homeowner Conflict
 - Planned communities can become bitterly polarized environments when neighbors or the Board fail or refuse to abide by HOA governing documents. The emotional cost of ongoing conflict can be overwhelming to elderly residents, and few can sustain the financial burden or anxiety of going to court to enforce their rights or otherwise be heard.

Religious Organizations - A place of worship can sometimes become a place of discord. Unresolved conflict within one's church or synagogue can divide parishioners and congregants, jeopardizing the emotional safety and fellowship of its members. 

Mediation empowers parties to fully discuss the issues in dispute, and to determine his or her own decision-making course. Mediators build communication bridges, allowing parties to collaborate in a safe environment. In mediation, the concerns and interests of all parties can be heard and validated. Parties control and achieve their own mutually acceptable settlements, without a judge or jury determining the outcome for them. 

Why Does Mediation Work?

Mediation is Voluntary, Confidential and Collaborative

Mediation is an efficient, effective way to obtain a resolution, that is both binding and enforceable. Mediation sessions are voluntary – no one can force you to come to any particular agreement. Mediation sessions are confidential – communications made in mediation may not be discussed outside of the session, nor may they be used against either side in court proceedings. This gives parties the freedom to honestly discuss sensitive matters in an effort to resolve them, and minimizes the toxic gossip that may destroy community relationships. Mediation sessions are collaborative - trained, experienced mediators assist parties to work through impasses and towards better understanding and option development for resolution.

Mediation is Effective: Signed Mediation Agreements are Binding and Enforceable

When parties in mediation arrive at an agreement, they may reduce their agreement to a writing known as a "Memorandum of Understanding" ("MOU"). If parties sign the MOU, it is contractually binding and enforceable. The MOU can be filed with the court, and if approved, it may become a binding and enforceable court Order. 

Mediation Empowers Parties to Guide Their Own Destiny

As the costs of litigation skyrocket, and courts are ordering litigants into mediation prior to trial, pre-litigation mediation is an efficient use of time, energy and finances without loss of any rights to go to court if necessary. 

Mediation does not preclude your right to an attorney or your right to file a lawsuit. 
Mediation is a method to proactively, safely attempt to resolve your conflict. If you have an attorney, you are free to bring your attorney with you to mediation, or to consult with your attorney while you are there. If you decide that the matter cannot be resolved in mediation, you always have the power to seek an attorney and file a lawsuit, with issues that have been honed and clarified through the mediation session. 

Mediation can be used to resolve specific issues either outside of or as part of a court process: 

-    Family disputes (between parents and teenagers, parents, students and teachers);

-    Property boundaries, fences, barking dogs, and other neighbor-to-neighbor issues; 

-    Homeowner/HOA Board/Manager conflict, disputes between property managers and homeowners or ongoing chronic neighbor/neighbor disputes.


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