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In the commercial setting, business disputes occur regularly.  People disagree as to the interpretation of a contract, the terms necessary for a fair deal, whether a contract was breached and most importantly, the correct damages for such a breach. Conflict and litigation can be costly to a company in more ways than financial, most critically, the potential damage to an ongoing business relationship. Business owners acknowledge that maintaining ongoing, positive business relationships is a top priority.

Mediation helps preserve business relationships. 

As mediators, we are sensitive to business concerns and the community needs. Misunderstandings and misperceptions can occur in a business setting. A neutral third party facilitator may objectively provide a “reality check” without judgment, allowing each side to “save face” and move forward – a true dialogue may begin with a clearer understanding of the mutual interests and concerns.

Sometimes, one business is unrealistic as to the merits of its claim. Mediation helps attorneys and business owners/executives explore the best and worst case scenarios and assess potential solutions. Business owners and executives value a process where they may safely learn that they or their company are at risk, and where they may trust in the source and delivery of the “bad news.”

Mediation is a cost-effective way to resolve commercial disputes quickly, without the need for litigation.  Let us help you with: 

-    Contractual Negotiations or Disputes 

-    Supplier/Contractor Disputes 
-    Recalls or Product Deficiencies 
-    Small Claims 
-    Collection Matters 
-    Brokers with Fee Disputes 
-    Ownership Rights to Property    




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